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4 and 5 year olds.  Pre-K Program.

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The Butterfly Classroom. We're Ready to Investigate!

The Pre-K program is designed to challenge children’s learning in ways that are appropriate to their ability. Congruent to the belief that children learn best when their interests are the root of the learning experience, the Pre-K program experience is tailored based on careful observation and understanding of children’s current abilities and interests. Teachers and children work together in developing the curriculum and children investigate their interests through Project Approach. Children are encouraged to use different outlets to investigate and to use their creativity and imagination. As children’s vocabulary and language becomes more complex, they are eager to participate in discussions and learning collaborations. This demonstrates confidence, and conversation and engagement is strongly encouraged in the Pre-K program. Children are also encouraged to use other platforms and “languages” to communicate through art, music, dramatic play, as well as written words. By giving children multiple outlets of expression, we are teaching them that they are valued contributors to the community and encourage further love for learning. The use of different languages leads to learning logs and documentation, done by both teacher and student. While investigating their interest, children are learning important school readiness skills in literacy, math, science, and technology which prepares them for Kindergarten and beyond.

 We strongly recommend full time enrollment in order to establish learning continuance. 


Girl Painter


  • Ability to express ideas in different ways: art, music, acting, words

  • Using math concepts by counting 10 to 20 accurately 

  • Ability to group and regroup objects mathematically

  • Staying focused on a task even when there are other activities going on in the room

  • Uses future tense

  • Recalls parts of story

  • Tells longer story

  • Holds attention to story up to 10-15 minutes

  • Knows name and address

  • Begins to spell

  • Uses complex sentences and collaborates on ideas

  • Knows days of the week, and calendar months, and seasons

  • Understands that letters represent spoken sounds they hear

  • Knowledge that writing goes from left-to-right

  • Ability to spell and write name


  • Ability to hop, skip, run, march, gallop

  • Dance and move rhythmically

  • Walk up and down stairs without support

  • Throw, catch, kick, and bounce balls

  • Hold writing and eating utensils

  • Get dressed and undressed independently

  • Ability to use toilet independently

  • Ability to wash hands independently

Kids Playing Soccer
Kids Drawing


  • Easily offers and shares materials with peers without adult direction

  • Suggest social solutions to social problems 

  • Ability to control emotional responses and consider a peer’s idea when it differs from their own

  • Ability to relate to peers based on similar interests

  • Ability to develop authentic and genuine friendships

  • Likes to sing, dance, and act

  • Want to please teacher and peers

  • Responds positively to rules


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