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Twos & Threes -Young Preschool

30 Months to 36 Months

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The Grasshopper Classroom. We're Ready to Explore!

Two year olds are exploding with language and are great copycats! We welcome these new skills by modeling positive behaviors and creating a literacy rich environment to grow their vocabulary!

The twos classroom is a brief period of time where children are reaching many cognitive, physical, and social milestones. This classroom program is geared towards further developing children’s confidence and independence. The teachers work patiently with children to help them learn more about themselves and how to form positive relationships with peers. Children begin to learn to express their own feelings and learn to show compassion, empathy, and sense of right and wrong. Children begin to understand turn taking, and show ability to wait and communicate to peers when it is their turn, which demonstrates social-emotional intelligence. This is also an important period for language development. Children are using more words and starting to use longer sentences. They are starting to sing on their own as well! In the Two’s classroom, children will be encouraged to use imaginative play and to use props in the dramatic play area, further developing their creative skills. While playing cooperatively, children develop authentic friendships and bonds with each other.

*Potty-training will continue in the two’s classroom in order to prepare children to use the toilet independently in the Preschool classroom. Teachers will work closely with parents to determine what works best for your child and will build on the practices that are taking place at home.


Playing in Nursery


  • Can say their name and identify peer names

  • Can say age and sex

  • Sorts objects by color

  • Completes two to four piece puzzles

  • Participates in imaginative play with dolls and peers

  • Understand concept of groups of two

  • Understand most sentences

  • Easily understood by peers and care givers

  • Uses pronouns- I, You, Me,We, They

  • Identifies most objects

  • Names most colors

  • Begins some letter recognition

  • Asks questions

  • Listens to short stories


  • Shows enthusiasm to be around peers

  • Begins to understand concept of sharing and taking turns

  • Shows empathy towards dolls during pretend play

  • Shows affection and preference towards care givers and peers

  • Shows empathy towards a peer that may be hurt or distressed

  • Expresses a wide range of emotions

  • Separates easily from parents

  • Objects to major changes in routine

Playing with Animals
Music Class

Physical Development

  • Uses fine motor skills to manipulate objects and hold items with ease

  • Walks up stairs with support

  • Climbs with ease

  • Runs easily

  • Can use pedals on a tricycle

  • Picks up items and bends over without loss of balance

  • Ability to squat without losing balance

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