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Elementary Classroom

Committed and nurturing educators

A Commitment to Serve

At Seeds of Early Learning Academy, our teaching team is the core of our program and school. Our talented teachers are hand picked and possess a contagious enthusiasm for the field of education and thrive off creativity and leadership. We entrust in our teacher’s ability to adjust learning opportunities in response to their children’s natural interests. Our team works cohesively with parents in order to tailor individualized lessons to engage each child. Our teachers are kind and nurturing, and create a sense of community and belonging across our school. We want our children and families to feel welcomed and engaged in their child’s learning and growth. Your child will not only be familiar with their own lead teacher, but with all the teachers in our school, which will help them as they transition and grow within our program. Our teachers form genuine and authentic relationships with our students, and understand the importance of creating warm and responsive environments for children to grow in. 

To ensure safety and qualified staff, our teachers must pass stringent background, health, and personal reference screenings. We require that all of our lead-teacher possess four-year degree from an accredited university in the early childhood education or closely related field. Most of all, our staff has a passion and love for the early childhood profession and holds themselves to the highest standards in care, accountability and integrity.  

We understand that in order for our teachers to succeed we must provide them with an environment that allows growth and freedom of creativity. We provide our teachers with professional development opportunities and fully support their ideas and reward their initiatives. We are able to recruit the best of the best in our community by offering competitive pay, valuable benefits, paid time off, as well as clean and positive environment to work in. Through respect and strong held view of our teachers as educators, not as babysitters, we foster strong morale in our school.   

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples"

-Mother Theresa


Do you share our core values and education philosophy? Are you committed to progressing the Early Childhood Education filed? We would love to hear from you!

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