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Zero - Fifteen Months

Baby Girl with Soother

Cocoon Classroom- The Beginning!

Where the  first steps towards being life-long learners happens! Our caring teachers are there every step of the way making sure that all your babies needs are met.

Our infant classroom provides a calm and soothing environment where each child has their own crib that is personalized with their name, photo, as well as comforting item brought from home. Our caring and supportive teachers provide individualized care by fostering social-emotional development through nurturing relationships with children. The daily schedule is tailored with parents in order to meet the child’s individual needs for nap, play, as well as feeding time. All infants have personalized diapering plans to suit individualized needs as well. Milestones are logged and communicated in your child’s daily sheet. We keep our classroom clean for our little explorers by enforcing a shoe free zone and sanitizing the space and toys for every day use. We have a small teacher/student ratio in order to provide babies with face to face interactions and soothing opportunities which are essential for a healthy development. Our teachers spend a lot of time cuddling and talking to your baby to instill trust and development of healthy attachments. Our environment provides babies lots of space to move and is filled with toys and books for your baby to enjoy. In the infant classroom we will introduce sign language to provide children with a different outlet of expression of their needs.

Weather permitting children will get a chance to explore the outdoor classroom, listen to birds chirping, discovering natural objects, and soaking in the Vitamin D (with sunscreen of course). There will also be shaded area to take shelter from weather!


Happy Baby


  • begins to develop a social smile

  • enjoys playing, listening to songs, and may cry if the interaction stops

  • calming and self comfort with aid of a care giver

  • forming secure attachment to a parent or caregiver

  • responds to familiar face

  • cries to signal a need

  • may get anxious around new faces

  • shows preference for objects or people

  • laughing and giggling during play and contact


  • raising head and chest when laying on the stomach

  • rolling, crawling, and pulling themselves up to explore environment

  • sitting without support

  • manipulating and holding objects by using fine motor skills

  • movement of fingers, hands, and feet

  • taking first few steps without support

  • changing position from sitting to crawling and vice versa

Baby Learning to Walk
Crib Mobile


  • Reaching for items and toys

  • Easily following objects through eye movement 

  • studying of face

  • looks for toys 

  • fascination with ceilings/fans

  • looks for falling toys


  • recognizing and responding to verbal language

  • making cooing sounds and babbling

  • use of furniture to aid in movement and pulling self up

  • startles to loud noises

  • responds to speech and sounds

  • responds to mirror visual

  • uses sign motions/language to express needs

  • attempts to mirror care givers facial motions and sounds

Toddler with Toys
Baby Yoga

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