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Kindergarten Enrichment Program

Advanced 5 year olds Program

Gardening Class

The Kindergarten Enrichment Program. We're Confident and Ready for the Future and Beyond!

Kindergarten Enrichment program is an advanced private program that will be available to our 5 year olds that are up for a challenge! As we know some children learn at a much faster pace and we want to be able to stimulate all growing minds!
This advanced program allows children to build on to previous knowledge and strengthen their skill sets. There is a strong focus on reading and writing in the Kindergarten Enrichment Program in order to build confidence and readiness for 1st grade and beyond. This program is small for the purpose of children getting one-on-one teacher student interactions. Group projects and collaborations are still being utilized for learning, however one-on-one opportunities give teachers ability to find learning opportunities and further strengthen important skills sets for success beyond kindergarten classroom. Community involvement plays a big role in this program, in order to teach responsibility and leadership. Children are becoming active participants in their classroom and beyond. The kindergarten enrichment program strengthens children's self image and confidence in welcoming challenges with enthusiasm and persistence.

Kindergarten Enrichment program will be available based on teacher recommendation. 


Kids in Art Class


  • Ability to form strong bonds with teachers and peers

  • Shows independence and interest in learning

  • Demonstrates self-confidence and enjoys sharing own work

  • Ability to negotiate with peers and learning a balance of opinion

  • Respects feelings and ideas of others

  • Understand how rules keep everyone safe

  • Empathy towards all living things, and responsibility to care for them


  • Ability to recognize letters, sounds, and words

  • Ability to write with both uppercase and lowercase letters

  • Record observations

  • Recognize and produce rhyme words

  • Read short stories

  • Spelling

  • Uses counting materials such as beads, rocks, straws for assistance in addition, subtraction, and counting

  • Understands making plans, executing them, and reflecting on results

  • Learning multiples of by grouping 

  • Uses technology to learn basic coding to create a game

  • Gardening skills

  • Ability to follow directions

Kids Reading Map
Boy Throwing Basketball


  • Ability to hop, skip, run, march, gallop

  • Dance and move rhythmically

  • Walk up and down stairs without support

  • Throw, catch, kick, and bounce balls

  • Hold writing and eating utensils

  • Get dressed and undressed independently

  • Ability to use toilet independently

  • Ability to wash hands independently

  • Hand-eye coordination

Woman Tutoring Child

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