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Hello and Welcome!

I would love to formally introduce myself as the woman behind the vision of Seeds of Early Learning Academy. My name is Misela Villa, and I serve as the founder and director of SOELA.

My Story

Since childhood, it has been my dream to open my own school. Even at the age of 10, back in ex-Yugoslavia, I would gather neighborhood children to "play school" in my garage.

In 1997, my family and I relocated to America, where I pursued my passion for education. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Illinois at Chicago and later completed my Master's Degree in Curriculum and Design at Loyola University. During my time at Loyola, I had the privilege of studying abroad in Italy, where I discovered the Reggio Emilia approach to Early Childhood Education. I was captivated by the concept of "rich normality" – the belief that children deserve quality experiences on a daily basis.

Inspired by this philosophy, I set out to create a school that champions children's right to play, particularly in a nature-based setting. After a decade of research and reflection, Seeds of Early Learning Academy has become a reality. We proudly partnered with Nature Explore to craft a special outdoor classroom where our children can thrive.

I extend a warm invitation for you to visit our school and become part of our SOELA family. Our mission is to provide support to families and offer children the enchanting moments of childhood they deserve.


Please reach me at my email at any time! I look forward to meeting and serving your family!


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