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3 and young 4 year olds

Girl and stuffed animal

The Bumble Bee Class. We're Learning Through Play!

Three and four year olds are up to any challenge! They are bursting with questions and learning new words to express their curiosity. We are here to help them discover and learn about the world around them with hands on experiences!

In the preschool classroom children are exploring learning centers and working on small group activities that teach them new concepts in language, literacy, mathematics, and science. The preschool classroom prepares children to cooperate and learn in a structured environment. Children participate in morning circle meetings and are introduced to new learning topics to explore. The teachers tailor activities based on children’s interest and structure the classroom in a way that promotes discovery, cooperation, and fun! Children partake in classroom roles and routines that foster self-discipline and leadership skills. Children will get many opportunities in the outdoor classroom in order to observe, discover, and document their learning. At this age children are making sense of their observations and are starting to explain their observations thru different platforms. Children use art, play, music, and different loose materials to express their imagination and learning.

Application of Reggio Emilia Project Approach learning begins in this class. The teacher will provide children with learning experiences that stem from observed child's interest. This process of curricular design supports the idea that children best learn and welcome challenges when exploring their own interests.


Blonde Boy Reading


  • Understands cause and effect

  • Recalls part of story 

  • Uses imagination to make predictions

  • Understands the concept of counting and begins to count until 10

  • Begins to learn the alphabet and corresponding sounds

  • Follows three step commands

  • Correctly names colors and objects

  • Begins to have a sense of time and calendar 

  • Understand the concept of "same" and "different"

  • Speaks in sentences of 5 to 6 words

  • Tells stories and uses "imaginative writing"


  • Plays cooperatively  with other children

  • Shares and takes turns with ease

  • Ability to express simple emotions

  • More independent

  • Plays house characters such as "mom" and "dad"

  • Understands authority 

  • Able to transition to another activity without emotional outburst

  • Begins to understand concept of other living things

Top View of Kids Playing
Dancing on the Grass

Physical Development

  • Uses riding toys with ease

  • Hops and skips

  • Throws a ball

  • Moves backwards

  • Kicks ball

  • Uses pencil

  • Draws circles and squares

  • Ability to trace letters and shapes

  • Uses scissors 

  • Can feed self using a fork or spoon

Children in the Garden

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