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Academic Enrichments

Boy and sister

Nature Connection

Reconnecting children with nature is a top priority. Lack of time in the nature causes children to have fears about the outdoors and we want to break that cycle. Children will experience all weather, versus watching it from the window. Nature connection teaches children the responsibility of keeping houses of the living things outdoor clean and safe by recycling and not littering. Exposure to animals, birds, and gardening, teaches children empathy and responsibility. Learning outside of four walls also creates a new outlet for imagination and collaboration to flourish.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Language Exposure: Sign language, Spanish, Bosnian,Serbian

Bi-lingual abilities stretch the brain and change the way children receive and process information. It is important to capture the maximum brain development during this growth spurt and expose children with as many languages as possible. Serbian and Bosnian languages will be offered to those families with specific background that wish to continue their language heritage. Sign-language is a vehicle for babies and children to express themselves before they are ready to be vocal.

Volunteering with Childrenjpg

Community and Family Connection

Being active members of our community is an extensions of our values. We welcome volunteer readers from different fields to help children make connections and learn about important contributors in our community. Parents play a very significant and active role in our community and will be frequently invited to take part in our program. When parents take interest in their child's learning and show presence, it significantly impacts the child's confidence and love for learning.

Child Activity

INDOOR FITNESS : Stretch and Grow Fitness, Baby Yoga, Meditation, and Dance.

Physical development and healthy bodies are our top priority. We want children to have indoor opportunities to stretch and practice using their large motor muscles. Children will also have an opportunities to work out a very important part of their body- the Brain! Through mediation children will learn breathing techniques and calming of the senses.

Cooking is fun. Little girl playing with

Hands on Classes: Cooking , Arts, Music

Our goal is to immerse children in their learning. We want to give children as many opportunities as possible to participate in hands on activities. Children will have opportunities to create and use their imagination to bring to life their very own masterpiece! These classes  take placed both outdoor and indoor!

Teacher and Students in Science Class


Children in the Kindergarten class will be introduced to beginner coding and robotics. Technology gives children another vehicle for self expression and activates a different part of their brain!

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