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18 Months to 30 Months


Ladybug Classroom! We're on the Move!

Toddlers are very energetic and ready to get their hands on everything. We meet this energy with great enthusiasm and provide toddlers with engaging activities and an environment to explore with peers!

The toddler classroom is a place where children are exploding with energy and are eager to interact with their peers. In this classroom children are doing a lot of observing and mirroring of each other’s behaviors. Our goal is to encourage positive interactions and model positive behaviors that will develop children’s self-image and self-help skills. We support children’s rapid language development through story time as well as singing. Children are also strengthening their balance and gross motor skills, and we support that through dance and movement. We foster small group projects in order to develop positive peer interactions and collaboration skills. Our teachers model nurturing and loving interactions in order to provide children with a trusting and supportive environment. Children are beginning to learn group routines such as meal time as well as nap/quiet time.

*In the toddler classroom, we also introduce the beginning of potty-training. Potty-training is a social experience and seeing peers try to use the toilet is a positive experience. Teachers will work closely with parents and respond to children’s individual needs and readiness to start using the mini toilets. The goal of this practice is exposure in order to prepare the child for Two’s classroom. We will continue proper diaper changes according to each child’s need.


Babies in Playroom


  • Imitates behaviors of peers

  • Excited and enthusiastic to be around other children

  • Struggles with concept of sharing and taking turns

  • Begins to demonstrate defiant behavior

  • Begins to show independence

  • Responds to positive reinforcement

  • Shows empathy towards a peer that might be crying

  • Cuddles and hugs toys to show affection

  • Shows affection towards peers and care giver


  • Walks on their own

  • Carries, pulls large toys while walking

  • Climbs on and off furniture with no support

  • Crawls through tunnels

  • Hops and runs swiftly

  • Walks up and down stairs with caution and support

  • Begins to uses hands to manipulate objects such as eating utensils or art materials

  • Washes hands with assistance

Curious Girl
Boy Doodling


  • Follows simple one step directions

  • Scribbles spontaneously

  • Uses some words to recognize book/picture characters

  • Points to objects named for her/him

  • Says several words 

  • Uses two words sentences

  • Word bank ranging up to 50 words

  • Builds towers from blocks

  • Lines up toys

Attachment-1 2.HEIC

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